Psoriasis is a very common autoimmune disease affecting countless numbers of Americans each
year. As autoimmune diseases are often genetic and derives from your personal family history,
you might experience Psoriasis flare-ups or other autoimmune responses such as Alopecia,
Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, and more.

The Skin Specialists at Altamonte MD specialize in treating Psoriasis and other forms of autoimmune diseases. What are the signs of Psoriasis you might ask? Patches of dry skin or redness, oftentimes, are early signs of an overactive immune system. It’s important to detect early signs as Psoriasis can develop into Psoriatic Arthritis. About 125 million people worldwide have psoriasis. Treatment options often include topical corticosteroids, prescription retinoids, or adjusting and/or avoiding certain environmental triggers or lifestyle factors.

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