As part of National Cholesterol Education Month, we are happy to inform our current and future patients on the effects of having high cholesterol and ways to prevent it from happening to you! High Cholesterol is an abnormal lab result that we often see at Altamonte MD. While the majority of the time there is no immediate concerns to having high cholesterol, it is important to update and monitor your blood work to determine if your cholesterol is affecting other health factors.

High cholesterol is often a familial trait, but can be controlled by maintaining a heart healthy diet. A heart healthy diet consists of green leafy vegetables and small amounts of meat, dairy, and carbohydrate products. High cholesterol can potentially lead to heart disease so it’s also important to mention that partaking in cardiovascular activities is key for a heart healthy lifestyle!

To determine your cholesterol levels, we recommend scheduling your annual physical that includes an IN-HOUSE blood draw. To speak with a member of our front office staff, give us a call today: 407-767-0009.